Ulla Makena: Ancestral Connections, Earth Healing & Meditation | Kisima Festival 2021

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Makena is a writer, poet, visual artist, musician and filmmaker. She offers her works as a way for herself and others to find healing in expression and being. She deeply believes that it is in witnessing who we are and in listening to our untold stories that we find ourselves woven through time; we journey deeper into understanding more of who we are and the role we play in this sacred dance of life.

She is also the published author of the collected poetry and illustrated works “The Little Dreamer“.


Meditation & Earth Healing Ritual

Ulla offers two guided meditation sessions to connect to mother earth and to the seat of self within. This will be followed by a healing ritual that you can practice wherever you are to connect you to the land (plants, animals, elementals) and offer your love and healing to the mother earth.

Where: The Stage on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd October.


Ancestral Healing Circle

All is one, past, present and future; but how do we express this connection and have it come alive in our day to day life?

In this session, Ulla will talk more about how to deeply feel connected to the physical world around us and how to tap into our connection and open up to communication with the spirit world. Only when we are deeply rooted in our existence can we feel strong enough to rise up to shine our light.

Where: The Stage on Thursday 21st October.


Heart Prayer

In this session, Ulla will take you through what heart prayer is and open us up to ancient techniques of using sound healing through chants. Afterwards, she’ll take you on a journey of heart awakening through a shamanic drumming and chanting session.

Where: The Stage on Thursday 21st October.

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