Tamara Britten: Arm Balances, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga | Kisima Festival 2021

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Tamara is a certified yoga instructor with 600 hours of training with Yoga Alliance in vinyasa flow, aerial, acro, SUP, yin and hatha yoga. Expanding her practice into these various styles have given her the opportunity to experiment, to practice and to play.


Tamara’s Kisima Offerings:

Arm Balances

Do you like to play? Do you like to try new things? Do you find that sometimes being upside-down is actually the right way up? This workshop is for you. We’ll start with a warm-up that focuses on wrists, core and shoulders, then we’ll try a few standing balances before moving into arm balances. During the session we’ll experiment with different ways of coming into the poses, and have time to practise the trickier ones. Expect some tumbles and lots of laughter.

Where: Baobab Deck on Thursday 21st October.


Yin Yoga

Yin is about stillness. This slower form of yoga allows the body to take time in the various shapes. In this session we’ll follow a progression of poses, and hold them for some time. Sinking into the pose, and holding it for longer, allows the body to find its way into the shape and places gentle pressure on the joints. We’ll do this as the sun rises, allowing our bodies to awaken slowly into the day. Experience dawn in a new and enlightening way.

Where: Baobab Deck on Friday 22nd October.


Vinyasa Flow

Picture yourself standing in tropical forest, the sun setting behind the baobabs, the breeze kissing your skin, as your body moves through a sequence of poses. We’ll move as if we were leaves in the breeze. There will be some sun salutation variations, some more unusual flows, a couple of challenges, and a few longer held poses towards the end. Come with a light heart and a smile, and leave feeling stretched, revived and refreshed.

Where: Baobab Deck on Friday 22nd October.

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