Sapna Chandaria: Divine Feminine, Reclaiming Your Power Over Money | Kisima Festival 2021

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Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Sapna is a conscious entrepreneur, intuitive energy expert and transformational coach who has been practising healing arts for over 20 years with a focus on the discovery of soul purpose and alignment. She draws from ancient Eastern modalities and Western science in her practice to help her clients bring awareness to beliefs that have been limiting access to their purpose and authentic Self.

Sapna brings her deep faith in the Divine, her acute intuitive abilities and fascination with the unique journey of humankind to facilitate life-changing healing work to all so that we can step into, and reclaim, our personal power from a place of self-love.


Sapna’s Kisima Offerings:

Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine

(With Eddie Kimathi)

Stepping into Harmonic Balance

A combined men’s and women’s journey to deepen your connection with the masculine & feminine parts of yourself. Allow yourself to heal and express your sacred energy authentically, from a place of harmonic balance.
This workshop is designed to help you connect into your heart through tools like meditation, chanting, music and more. Surrender into the group energy and let’s raise the collective energy together!

Where: Baobab Deck on Thursday 21st October.


Reclaiming Your Power Over Money

Money, like everything else, is an energetic vibration or frequency. To understand how to make it work for us, we must take a different view to what is offered as the status quo. This workshop is designed to offer an eye & heart-opening experience that will delve into the holistic aspects of money and how our genetic, collective, core & deep soul level beliefs around money affect our daily interactions with it. We each need to re-write our entire story around money, reclaim our power over it and only then will we truly effect the kind of change we want to see in the world. 

Come join this interactive workshop and discover your limiting money beliefs so you can shift them into an empowered, limitless, liberating energy. Learn how to align to and attract a much more abundant relationship with money from a place of self-love and radical self-acceptance.

Where: Baraza Hub on Friday 22nd October. See full schedule here.


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