Paula Arranz Canales: Feminine Cycle, Women’s Circles | Kisima Festival 2021

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More than 4 years ago Paula began her journey of self-knowledge, personal and spiritual growth, where she connected with the feminine and divine wisdom, (re)connected with her true self, and with her passion to share and learn with women.
She is a Certified Life Coach specialized in women, Menstrual Therapist and Integral Cyclicality, Healing of Uterine Memories and Teacher in Ovarian Breathing and Feminine Alchemy, and she continues to train in Alchemical Breathing and Sacred Sexuality and Phytotherapy.

From her personal experience, she now accompanies other women on their paths of self-knowledge, growth and healing, connecting with their cyclicality, Divine Feminine Nature and Wisdom.


Paula’s Kisima Offerings:

Integral Cyclicality: Feminine and Masculine

We are cyclical. Everything in nature is cyclical and constantly changing. Stability is not always staying the same, but being able to find balance in each cycle and in each change. Being able to listen and attend to our needs at all times according with our own cycles. Women are like the lunar cycle and men like the solar cycle. Integrating both energies in us is essential for our emotional, physical, mental and energetic balance. So we´ll explore men´s and women´s cyclicality and connect with both energies.

Where: The Stage on Wednesday 20th October.


Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy

It is a system created by Sajeeva Hurtado, and a technique that serves for the self-knowledge and healing of women in a holistic way, encompassing the mind, emotions and body. It combines movement, breathing and dance, and men can experience it too. it helps us to be the healers of ourselves, to alchemize our history and everything that we carry inside, to give birth to a new version of ourselves with each breath.

Where: The Stage on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd October.

N.B. This session is NOT recommended for anyone pregnant, with serious mental disorder or with cardiovascular issues.


Women’s Circle

20th October being the Full Moon, this will be a women´s circle around the energies of this moon: creation, manifestation, nurturing, care… we will gather together to honor and celebrate ourselves, to create a safe space to share and experience our Divine Feminine.

Where: Baraza Hub on Friday 22nd October. See full schedule here.


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