Neha Erasmus: Science & Spirituality | Kisima Festival 2021

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Born in London, raised in Nairobi and of Indian origin, Neha began her journey into spiritual philosophy in 2007 when she wrote her Master’s thesis on Indian philosophy as an alternative to human rights. Since then she has studied Vedantic thought, yoga philosophy and mystic wisdom from around the world and across time.

Neha is focused on creating an abundant world through healing, teaching and the creative arts. Her focus is built on the firm belief that consciousness is the key to all positive change, both at the individual and societal level. She works one-to-one with people in healing at the deepest level of the mind, to help people overcome challenges and access the powers of their highest Self. Neha also teaches spiritual-political-philosophy at various institutions and through private courses to help people understand what spirituality actually is, how it works and how to apply it to life and work. Neha advises and consults for different organisations and initiatives, helping them to use spiritual-political-philosophy in their teams and programmes.


Neha’s Kisima Offerings:

Elements of Existence

What is the technology within a human being? How are mind, body and spirit connected? What dimensions do they operate in? How can we use these tools more intentionally? Join me in a talk on the elements of existence. In order for us to access our power, we must first understand what it is. Join this class to begin to unlock the mysteries of the universe that are hidden within you. 

Where: Baobab Deck on Wednesday 20th October.


The Secret to Enhancing Your Work

More and more of the world’s top performing businesses, teams and organisations are tapping into spiritual philosophy to enhance their work. Join this session for an introduction.

Where: Baobab Deck on Thursday 21st October.


Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality in modern times are considered two very different paths of knowledge; incompatible and at odds with each other. In days of old, however, scientists and spiritualists were one and the same individuals! Come and learn about the science of spirituality, the incredible things we can do with energy and whether superpowers exist after all.

This talk focuses on Science and spirituality:  We look at quantum physics and how manifestation works scientifically.  You will experience guided meditations as experiential knowledge.

Where: Baraza Hub on Thursday 21st October.


Entering the Flow State

We have been taught that we live in a world with finite resources, and that we must compete to survive. More and more, this fundamental concept, upon which so much of our world is built, is being debunked as a falsity. The true nature of nature is abundance and flow. Understand the power behind ‘being’ and how we can access greatness beyond our imagination through flow. Learn practical and easy tools to use to begin your own journey into flow and abundance.

Where: Baraza Hub on Wednesday 20th October. See full schedule here.


Deep Transformation

Please book a private appointment here!

Neha will offer one-to-one sessions that heal negative and limiting beliefs that are operating at the deepest level of the mind, using intuitive guidance and a powerful transformational tool – PSYCH-K®.
The process allows you to make big shifts, quickly and permanently.

Where: The Healers Area on all days. Book here.


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