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KISIMA Festival is a 4-day celebration of mind, body, and soul within the tranquil haven of Beneath the Baobabs, Kilifi. We welcome you into our safe space to relax, rejuvenize, and revitalize while connecting to yourself, others, and the natural world around you.

We believe that The Mind, The Body, and The Soul are the sacred trinity driving our human existence and being. Harmony and balance of the mind, body, and soul is the key to holistic well-being and a fulfilling life.

KISIMA MIND is an intellectual space for the dissemination of truth, knowledge and wisdom.

Symbolically ruled by The Intellectual Queen of KISIMA, she resides in The Baraza Hub at Beneath The Baobabs where minds meet in order to challenge perspectives and pose questions on all thought-provoking topics beneath the Kilifi sun.

Sit with us as we dissect subject matter such as Ancient and Modern Sexuality, Spiritual Philosophy, and engage in practices of Art Therapy, Visual Journaling, Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra for stress relief and improved mental health.

Feel comfortable and free enough to jump in discussions and forums on mental health, demystifying religion, decolonizing the spirit and the meta-science of dream interpretation.

Enter The Baraza Hub at KISIMA MIND with curiosity, and an open inquisitive mind, eager to be educated, shifted and enlightened.

Knowledge is power. Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

KISIMA BODY is symbolically ruled by The Yoga Queen of KISIMA.

Here, we embrace physical pursuits and challenges with love and enthusiasm, pushing our bodies past their reasonable limits, with the highest love and respect to the vessels with which we navigate the world, as well as tuning into our physical sensations and learning how to listen and communicate with our bodies.

At KISIMA BODY, you can expect practices of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Elemental Flow Movement, Angolan Capoeira, the Wim Hof Method and Cold Therapy, as well as lessons in acrobatics and flexibility, injury prevention and trauma release resilience, and immerse ourselves in the alchemy of play and ecstatic dance.

Your body is a temple and you are the deity that resides within it.

KISIMA SOUL is symbolically ruled by The OM Queen. OM (or AUM) referring to the sacred sound that signifies the essence of ultimate reality and consciousness.

At KISIMA SOUL, we seek and receive spiritual nourishment, elevated consciousness, and connection with our true selves in order to inspire deep awakening and meaningful transformation – through healing the past, grounding in the present, and visualizing for the future.

We shall dive deeply into herbalism, African Spirituality, Ancestral Altars and Offerings, The Emotion Code, and Kinesiology. We shall also be taught The Heart Prayer, as well as Ancestral Connection, Earth Healing, and various meditations. We shall tune into The Divine Feminine and The Sacred Masculine, Chakra Alignment, and Energy Work. We shall gather in Women’s Circles and Men’s Circles and partake in Munay-Ki rites and rituals.

KISIMA SOUL is an invitation to heal the wounds of the past and dream an entire new world into being.

Come and be with us at KISIMA FESTIVAL for this 4-day celebration of the splendors of love and living, from October 21st to October 24th 2021.

You can purchase your 4-day Pass here.