Mildred Otieno: Spirituality to Decolonize, African Astrology, Dream Symbolism | Kisima Festival 2021

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Mildred is a spiritualist, cardologer, historian, predictive astrologer, and researcher into the mystical realms, particularly African Traditional Religions (ATRs). Following an 18 year spiritual journey, she now uses her knowledge and gifts to guide, teach, and heal others.


Mildred’s Kisima Offerings:

African Astrology

For millennia, indigenous cultures have looked to the stars for ancient wisdom and guidance. Astrologers in my Luo culture were referred to as ‘’jomariek’’ meaning the wise ones. In modern times, most people associate Astrology with horoscopes they grew up reading in magazines and newspapers.

But a human soul is much more than just their sun sign, also known as their zodiac sign. The moment you were born, all the celestial bodies were in specific quadrants in the heavens, and these quadrants are what set the tone for each person.

Here, we will learn about the celestial bodies used to track birth charts and we will also learn how to interpret our own charts using simple tools. We will demystify the complex language used in modern Astrology, which will then open up other areas that you can apply this knowledge in your life like in business.

Where: Baraza Hub on 20th October.


Spirituality to Decolonize the Mind and Spirit

Why is it so important to decolonise the spirit? Africans associate this term with Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s book “Decolonising the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature”, which advocates for linguistic decolonisation. For me, it is impossible to decolonise Mind without doing so for Spirit. This is because the colonial approach was multi-pronged and geared towards these two aspects of the African psyche.

The main premise is that African culture was ‘Otherised’ by the colonial masters, who set up their own cultures and religions as the gold standard of civilisation. Here, we will explore these methods that were historically employed in Kenya.

Where: Baraza Hub on 21st October.


Dream Symbolism and Interpretation

The dream realm is what we also refer to as the astral realm. Some may say this realm is not real, but then that presents a metaphysical problem. If your dream is not real then it would mean that YOU the dreamer and perceiver, are not real as well. But we already know this is not true. The dream realm is the realm of symbols, and by conscious analysis you can glean messages and information that you have access to on the other side.

Here, we will learn about dream archetypes and symbols, thereby empowering ourselves through interpreting our own dreams.

Where: Baobab Deck on 23rd October.

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