Hildah Lumadi: Fire Dancing, Kids & Adults Aerial Hoop | Kisima Festival 2021

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Hildah Lumadi is an aerial hoop and fire dancing trainer/performer. She started as an acrobat at Sarakasi Done in 2006, then trained in aerials in 2010 when she taught and performed in various places before joining Shakti Studios in 2020.

Hildah also trains kids in gymnastics at various schools in Nairobi. Seeing her clients grow from beginner levels to intermediate and advanced levels has been her motivation to keep doing what she does. Her goal is to help people get healthy in body and mind to live a longer and more fulfilled life.


Hildah’s Kisima offerings:

Fire Dancing

Where: Baobab Deck on Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd, The Stage on Thursday 21st October.


Kids Aerial Hoop

Where: Tamarind Tree on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st October.


Adults Aerial Hoop

Please book a spot for this session in advance here!

Where: Tamarind Tree on Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd October. See full schedule here.


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