Hetal Bid: Thai Yoga Massage | Kisima Festival 2021

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Born and brought up Kenyan, Hetal began practicing yoga and meditation from the age of 13. In 2019, she trained with Yoga Union in Bali, and is a Vinyasa Flow coach. Also in 2019, Hetal rediscovered her love for massages in the form of kinesthetic stimulation. She embraced and embodied the meditative art of Thai Yoga Massage under healing artist, Fransisco Morales-Bermúdez, from Peru. The love for travel, exploration, connection and the elements of Mother Nature in all her forms, fuel Hetal’s deeper calling. 

Hetal has witnessed first-hand how Healing Energetic Thai Yoga Massages can provide a range of benefits both physically and mentally, while enhancing an emotional and spiritual cleanse; encouraging mindfulness and general wellbeing. Get ready to align, connect, and rediscover your being inwardly, energetically and externally with others. 


Join Hetal at Kisima Festival on a journey into holistic Energetic Healing Thai Yoga Massage Workshops. Alternatively feel free to book 1:1 sessions during this time in the Healing Area.


Thai Yoga Massage

So what is Thai yoga massage, you ask? Its an energizing and meditative form of massage therapy, which is rooted in rhythmic acupressure, based on Indian Ayurvedic principles, assisted martial arts movement and yoga-style stretching. It not only boosts energy, circulation and immunity, but relieves pain & stress while detoxing the entire body while simultaneously improving flexibility, posture and joint mobility.

Where: Baraza Hub on Wednesday 20th October.

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