Announcing ETH Safari: The Greatest ETH Event in Africa | September 2022

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ETHSafari is an ETH event that will bridge the gap between the global and African ethereum ecosystems right here at Beneath The Baobabs in Kilifi, Kenya.



The Greatest ETH Event in Africa

ETHSafari is an event (18th to 24th September) that will be held in Kenya to bring together an auspicious group of 1,000 people from Africa and around the world to learn, hack, discuss, and celebrate the ethereum ecosystem, our decentralized future, the use cases that are transforming Africa, and the people that are building them in the continent.

Safari means ‘journey’ in Swahili. We are all on this journey of decentralization together. The question is: Safari Wapi? Journey Where?


The event will host learning, hacking, speakers, discussions, and celebrations to showcase innovation around the region and bridge the gap between the global ethereum ecosystem and the African ecosystem. The event will feature five main tracks: DAOs, DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, and Impact.

For those that want to get up to speed before the hackathon, ETHSafari will host a two-day bootcamp on September 19th to 20th with both live and online content. The hackathon started on September 1st and runs through September 22nd. It pairs teams with local and international mentors to take on critical challenges and generally follows the five event tracks but any teams can enter.


ETHSafari core contributor Sunny Satva said “Great events leave space for others to bring their creativity and energy. We’ve purposely left lots of gaps in the Nairobi schedule so our local frens can host events and meetups.” On the 22nd, ETHSafari will board the “Blocktrain” aka the Madaraka Express from Nairobi to the coast through the Kenyan savannah and Tsavo National Park with views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Hacker teams will hack aboard the train while others will attend talks and meetups in other train cars. 

We’ll arrive at the venue, Beneath the Baobabs, in Kilifi to welcome drinks in the afternoon and a fireside chat in the evening. We will host a two-day conference to bring together global and local players as we strengthen the bonds between ecosystems. We will close with an epic celebration of our decentralized future on the 24th.


Ethereum Foundation Africa Fellow and an instigator of ETHSafari Benson Njuguna said: “ETHSafari is a one of a kind ETH event, the first of its kind in East Africa supported by ecosystem builders and platforms across the globe and within Africa. The huge community support shows there’s huge interest in the space and we’re excited to be here in 2022. We have come to fill a gap in ecosystem building while setting the stage for many future ETHSafari events around the continent. Our hackathon has been a huge success and we look forward to the bootcamp and conference being even better. We have so much to show the world and spur a new wave of innovation.”

ETHSafari is backed by sponsors and partners across the web3 space, including gold sponsors Polygon, Celo, and Emurgo Africa, silver sponsors Ethereum Foundation, Worldcoin, Filecoin Foundation, Algorand Foundation; NFT track sponsor; Impact track sponsor Visa, as well as bronze sponsors Unstoppable Domains and NEAR.


Also launching at ETHSafari will be artSTORM.nft is a sister project of ETHSafari to transform brown spaces around Kenya into Green Art Spaces together with our partners and the communities.

About ETHSafari

ETHSafari is a DAO, established to raise the profile of African web 3 projects and bridge the gap with the larger Ethereum ecosystem around the world through conferences, hackathons, and other projects across the continent. 

Learn more about ETHSafari on their website, Twitter, Discord, or Instagram.

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