Edgar Kimathi: Mindfulness for Children, Sacred Masculine | Kisima Festival 2021

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Edgar has been practicing the Vipassana meditation technique for the last 13 years. Vipassana is an insight meditation practice that allows one to develop an understanding of the nature of mind and body through personal experience. He has undergone intensive meditation training in Thailand and India, and is a certified World Peace Initiative Peace Agent, tasked with cultivating peace within himself and sharing it with others.

He has also attended and organized several mindfulness retreats and continues to do so with Conscious Kenya – an organization he co-founded to help others make conscious choices and connections. He loves working with children and has co-hosted a mindfulness for children course in collaboration with the Wake-up schools International Co-ordinator.


Eddie’s Kisima Offerings:

Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine

(With Sapna Chandaria)

Stepping into Harmonic Balance

A combined men’s and women’s journey to deepen your connection with the masculine & feminine parts of yourself. Allow yourself to heal and express your sacred energy authentically, from a place of harmonic balance.
This workshop is designed to help you connect into your heart through tools like meditation, chanting, music and more. Surrender into the group energy and let’s raise the collective energy together!

Where: Baobab Deck on Thursday 21st October.


Kids’ Breathing Awareness

Glitter jar and teddy bear / toy practices to help kids become aware of their breathing (For the younger ones)

Monotasking Practices to train our attention – Practices: Starfish, Rabbit

Where: Kids Zone on Friday 22nd October.


Men’s Circle

A sharing circle and journey with music to connect and learn together. The intention of this circle is to collectively explore and heal deep self limiting and self defeating ways of being arising from cultural conditioning that hinder the full experience and expression of our sacred masculine energy. This circle will help deepen our connection with self and explore relationships, work and spirituality in a safe space. The evening may include meditation, grounding exercises and a musical / dance experience.

Where: The Stage on Friday 22nd October.


Kids’ Heart Practices

Kind heart Practices to connect with and care for each other – Practices: Flower Watering.

Exploring the foundations of mindfulness  – Practices: Solid as a Mountain, Bell, Weather

Where: Kids’ Zone on Saturday 23rd October.

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