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KISIMA FESTIVAL is dedicated to your wellness. Now more than ever.

This is how KISIMA will help maximize your healing, while minimizing your risk:

  1. Vast open air space: Our 50- acre baobab forest provides an oasis of peace, joy, and relief from the stresses and of life. There is ample space to enjoy nature and be fully ensconced in self-care.
  2. Limited tickets: We have limited entrance into our 4-day program in order to ensure class sizes remain small. Prior to 2020 our venue previously hosted thousands of revelers onsite, and even then it was spacious! For KISIMA, we are limiting 4-day passes to a maximum of 200. Participants will enjoy all the benefits of a bustling wellness festival with only 10% of the people!
  3. Ample space in Venues: At KISIMA, our classes are scheduled across multiple venues within the festival site. Each venue is open-air, breezy, and with ample space. With limited numbers per class, you can relax knowing that you’ll have space to move!
  4. Cleaning between classes: Our program allows for 30 minutes between classes. This not only enables our practitioners to hand over and feel the energies of the room, but it also enables our team to wipe down surfaces and clean where necessary.
  5. Bring your own mat: At KISIMA, we will not be renting or loaning mats in order to reduce risk. Please bring your own. If you are unable to bring your own, you can buy a new mat from one of our vendors on site.
  6. Programming all day: Minimize your travel, minimize your risk! From sunrise to sunset there are at least three classes every hour!  There is also a Vendors’ area and a variety of food stalls so you can explore to your heart’s content within our beautiful baobab forest, without having to travel off-site.
  7. Masks on entry: We ask all participants to enter wearing masks. Within the festival grounds, we consider ourselves a family, sharing a forest. All participants are asked to respect others, in the same way you would respect your family.
  8. Sanitation stations: KISIMA FESTIVAL will have many sanitation stations for handwashing throughout the site and showers are also available. For a faster (and more fun!) way to bathe though, we recommend the shower swings and water slide!
  9. Temperature checks: All participants will have their temperature checked upon entry. If your temperature is too high or you are experiencing any symptoms – we will ask you to stay home.
  10. Mutual respect: At KISIMA,  we are one family. We are all about love, connection, and respect. We know that all participants will respect each other in the same way they respect their families. While we cannot eradicate risk entirely, we can respect each others’ space. It is ultimately up to all of us to share in the responsibility of mutual care. We are all space holders for each other.

Picture yourself taking care of your mind, body, and soul, fully immersed in the serenity of nature, under 2000-year-old baobab trees, overlooking the source of the Takaungu Creek.  This is the picture of wellness.

Karibu KISIMA 2021

You can find your 4-day pass to coastal wellness here.