Beneath the Baobabs is a privately owned, 50 acre event site on the coast of Kenya, which boasts 2 shaded campsites which can be used either as a private camping experience, alongside our own festivals or at partner and private events. Typically, at our festivals, we offer camping areas for people to bring their own tents or a range of ready to use Glamping or budget tent options from our camping partner Tarpo.

Our 2 acre Glamping site and 1 acre of General Camping can each host 200 people at a time.

We will usually update this page with options and booking specifics when festival/event ticketing is live.

Camping at Beneath the Baobabs, Kenya


Camping at BtB is an experience in itself, offering the chance to fully engage with both landscape and event. As dusk settles, the site takes on a life of its own; the skies offer views deep into the solar system, set to the sounds of the East African night and breeze through the trees.

Beneath the Baobabs has 2 spacious camping areas on site situated in the shaded parts of the forest. One is best suited for self camping, with nooks for smaller tents, while the other is ideal for a Safari/Glamping set up. Both areas have Eco-Showers and Toilet facilities, and are just a short distance from the main arenas of the site.

Camping at Beneath the Baobabs, Kilifi, Kenya
Drum circle at Beneath the Baobabs Festival, Kilifi, Kenya


Some events may have restrictions on what is allowed on site in the way of food and drink, some might be completely open. Some events may have catering included or be vendor only. Some events may even allow cooking under the stars over log fires. Please refer to the event details and check back here for specific updates to camping at particular events or festivals.

Glamping at Beneath the Baobabs


Our Glamping site is a private 2 acre arm of the plateau, spaciously covered with shady trees and hidden away from the main areas of the site. Safari tents with their own toilets and showers, can be erected throughout the space, depending on the camping needs of an event. The area is also serviced by 8 Eco-Toilets and Showers, Water and Electricity, which are permanently installed on site. Optionally, a communal cooking and eating area can be set up in this area, to really bring the campsite to life.

Glamping at Beneath the Baobabs

We have been working with Tarpo as our tenting partner for four years, they bring our guests affordable and comfortable on site accommodation with Glamping and Safari Style tenting options. They have top quality equipment and have been providing temporary accommodation solutions for events since the 80s.

Camping solutions are always customisable.

East African Festival, Party Goers, Beneath the Baobabs Festival, Kilifi, Kenya


For an experience of total independence, or for the Budget Traveler, our 1 acre General Camping site is a space to take advantage of. Fully shaded and with plenty of space to set up a home away from home; the General Campsite becomes a hub of life during a major event, and has the potential to become its own community outside of an event. Delicately lit, with 8 Eco-Toilets and Showers and water access; camping deep within the Kilifi Forest Plateau couldn’t be better.

If you would like to access the site to Camp as a group, please get in touch to see if the campsite is open.

We have a minimum requirement of 10 pax at a time for the site to be open, so rally your crew!