Get involved


We would not be here today without the kindness and the countless hours of work, good vibes, creativity and great ideas of our beloved volunteers over the years. Volunteers are core to our soul & creativity. We want everyone to get involved, to get creative, to become an active part of this event, to feel how they made the magic! Volunteering is the best way to become a vital part of this lovely community.

We offer a variety of ways to participate, regardless of one’s physical capabilities, skills, or interests. Whether it is helping with the site development and build, photography, computer-based work, decor and installations or doing shifts during the event, we need you! Make a difference: Participate!

So what’s the deal for volunteers?

First of all, let’s talk about your legal status! While Kenyan citizens are most welcome to volunteer with us, keep in mind that volunteering in Kenya for foreigners, just like employment, is prohibited by Kenyan Law unless you acquire the relevant permit from the Department of Immigration.

How many volunteers are we welcoming?

Volunteer positions are limited but you certainly have a chance if you contact us early! There will be different calls out for particularly skilled volunteers, so keep your ear to the website and social media to catch the position for you.



  • A safe and shaded space to pitch your tent with all the necessary facilities nearby.
  • 2 meals on site per day – breakfast & lunch. For dinner there’s great places in town you can get really good food for cheap or you can prepare your own meals on site.
  • We work 6-day weeks in the run up to the big event, you’re still welcome to have Sundays off.
  • Big Christmas BBQ for the whole team.
  • Festival ticket and 1,000 KSH drinks vouchers.



  • Volunteers will be required to work for a certain amount of time to qualify for a ticket to the event.
  • Some volunteer work will be before the event, during the event and/or after the event.
    • Pre – event with Build Team: Minimum 2 weeks.
    • During event with Production Team: Minimum 3 x 6hr shifts (maximum) allocated by our team.
    • Post event with Cleanup Team: Minimum one week.
  • Volunteers working during and after the event will be asked to pay a deposit for a ticket, to be refunded once the clear up operation is complete.
  • Punctuality and hard work – Volunteers who do not seem to care will be asked to leave without notice.


Interested? Apply here!


Apply as Vendor

We would LOVE you to join us with all your delicious, beautiful or astounding services and creations – whether that be food, non-alcoholic drinks, art, clothing, or even a tattoo stand, a kinyozi or anything else. We will not provide any catering or retail outlets to whatsoever because we believe in Diversity! And we trust Your tastes! We want to make sure you succeed hence we will make sure that no more than two stalls ever sell the same thing.

  • When can your stall operate (when to set up/ pack down)?

Kilifi Roots will run at its fullest from mid afternoon on Friday until late Sunday night.

Setup: We would recommend to have your stall ready by Friday morning. After 1PM, no more vehicles will be allowed inside the festival area for deliveries. On arrival, please report to security at the festival gate upon arrival and introduce yourself to the Stalls and Vendors liaison staff member who will show you to your allocated spot.

Pack down: You are responsible for packing down your stall independently. You must dispose of all waste and leave no trace. Vendors who leave waste behind will not be allowed the next year.

What will Kilifi Roots festival provide?

  • An allocated 6 x 3ft table for service.
  • An overhead frame allowing you to attach décor and shade cloth.
  • Power: You will be given access to power although only low power rated equipment will be allowed (e.g. kettles). Feel free to double check with us directly. Although we always over cater for power, the risk of overloading power puts the entire event at risk, hence we must apply strict rules, we hope you can understand.
  • Water: We will have a communal washing station for stall holders.
  • Free camping for stall holders and their staff.
  • We will nominate one member of our staff as a liaison between all stall holders for any questions or issues prior, during and after the event.


What must you provide?

  • All your own staff and equipment
  • Reliable and consistent service to festival goers and campers.
  • Very good signage of your stall, product and clearly displayed price lists
  • Secure cash box and change
  • All décor, extra lighting, chairs
  • Shade cover to setup on frame above stall


How to apply for a stall?

If you would like to apply for a stall as a vendor please fill this form. While we encourage as much diversity of stalls as possible, please understand that spots are limited. Your booking will only be considered as Confirmed once full fees have been paid.


Apply to create art

We are a community and each event is participatory. The people who join are the ones who make the magic, the beauty and also the lovely peaceful and creative atmosphere. Ultimately these are the people who make the experience. We want you to join us and get creative!

We rely on the spirit of collaboration and freedom of expression to add magic, surprise and unpredictability. We are looking for all matters of artists and performers to help add spontaneity and wonder to the mix! Whether you are a masseuse, yoga teacher, fire dancer, graffiti or conceptual artist, an illusionist, hula hoopist, or part of a circus troupe, we would love to welcome you! As Burning Man festival puts it so well, the festival is “the total sum of the activities of its participants and the ways to participate are as unlimited as one’s imagination”.

If you have a performance that you think could add to the spirit of Kilifi New Year or any of our events, apply here!

Press, Photographers and Filmmakers

Each festival is a new feast for anyone who loves visuals. And we would LOVE you to join us and help us capture the beauty and magic whether that be with a pen or with a camera!

If you would like to apply to join either the Film & Photography or the Press & Media team, please fill this form. Please understand that demand is high and spots are limited. Once your application is received, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Talks, Workshops and Therapies – Mind Body & Soul

Kilifi Roots festival is ready to welcome applications for all Talks, Workshops and Therapists! With our new Mind, Body and Soul area ready to fully embrace the spirit of participation, we are very excited to be hosting workshops, talks and therapists to keep promoting more holistic and conscious living.

We would LOVE you to join us – whether that be a talk, a workshop or a therapy- the more dynamic the better!

If you would like to participate in the festival the MBS team are waiting with open arms! Join us, fill this form!