The Mind, Body & Soul area

We are excited to announce the return of our area dedicated to feeding the mind, body and soul! Kisima means “well” in Swahili, a safe space to be held and nourished. An exciting and dedicated space away from dance floors where you can recharge and engage with a wealth of holistic practices.  Here you can feast on workshops, talks, discussions, therapies, art, performance and movement that enhance the festival’s values of holistic living and conscious education. It’s a space for human connection, creativity, mutual understanding and grey matter stimulation! Be prepared to learn and laugh- a lot!

We have a number of micro-venues, hosting an incredible array of offerings.

Kilifi New Year University:  


Last year we had the absolute force of nature, Kenyan conversation queen Ciru Muriuki join us for six mind pumping sessions at our ‘Kilifi New Year University’ hub! We’re were so excited for the conversations that she hosted during the festival. These included: Racism in Kenya, Finances for the Average Millennial, LGBTQ Rights, Sex and Taboos, Freedom of Travel, and Feminism. Soon, we’ll announce the hosts and schedule for Kilifi New Year University this year.


Nestled under a beautiful tree, our “Mind” stage is dedicated to talks relating to the philosophical, quizzical and nurturing. It is also a space for group meditation and mindfulness.


Our second tree space is all about nurturing your body. With an array of movement practices including aerial yoga, east african dance and martial arts, this space is to get you moving!


Our third tree space is for ceremonial practise, sound journeys, human connection, loving ritual and getting to know the power of medicinal plants like Cacao!

The Sanctuary:

Need a time out? Join clinical psychologists to work through your stuff with art therapy during the day, 10am until 5.30 pm. Too much fun and need a time out with some friendly people? Come on in! Need extra attention? Our Psycare space is open from 9pm until 3am, with specialists on call 24/7!

Play Safe Tent: 

We know you’re going to have sex, so do it safely! Here we will be handing out condoms and lube, doing condom demonstrations and teaching you about how to stay safe while enjoying the ride! You will also have access to HIV testing, counselling services and referrals to specialists! Open from 12noon until 6pm.

Healing Tent: 

Massages galore on offer! 15 minutes to two hour slots, get pummelled to your heart’s content! Affordable options for everyone!

Art Gallery: 

Artists from Kenya and France across Africa and the world will be invited to showcase their work here! A dynamic space that will host music and dance and poetry and a swap shop! Enjoy discussions relating to the concept of sharity, dancing and music!