Our Venue: Beneath the Baobabs

Beneath The Baobabs was designed as a platform for local talent, a melting pot of global cultures, a brilliant source of inspiration and a haven for freedom of expression, with a strong commitment to conscious living and sustainability. BTB melds creativity with nature, to convey the connection we have with one another, with our environment and community.

Nestled on a pristine lush plateau along a wild and meandering green valley, beside the wild and stunning Takaungu Creek on the edge of the Indian Ocean, Beneath the Baobabs is a wild and magical 25-acre jungle site developed into a fully functional event space capable of hosting events of up to 10,000 people. Home to secret wild orange and lemon orchards, bamboo forests, thousand-year-old baobabs and other ancient indigenous trees, BTB is an oasis of calm. The serene nature provides for a scenic background while our conscious effort to recycle and up-cycle makes the venue a singular eco-friendly event site on the Kenyan coast.


The site features a permanent stage, several hundred square meters of decks hanging over the valley’s edge under giant baobabs, two bars, a range of accommodation options, kilometers of underground water piping and power lines, a very powerful silent generator and its own water supply, a water park, beach volleyball court, a two story 250 square meter building and state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment and engineering, and many other features allowing us to design the most amazing life-changing experiences.



Beneath the Baobabs is so much more than just a state-of-the-art event space. Beneath the Baobabs is a message of optimism, inclusivity, sustainability and conscious living. It is a space designed for groups to gather and make change, to learn and exchange. Its is a collaborative space where we want all to contribute, share, learn, and inspire one another. It is a platform designed for all to feel welcome regardless of their age, gender, skin colour, nationality, sexual orientation or economic status – where we feel richer thanks to our diversity.

It is a platform designed for promoting the holistic living and wellness movement in Kenya as well as a space for debates, workshops and conversations on topics relating to the above values and ethos. It is a platform to showcase the amazing talent of Kenya – from musicians and artists to young changemakers and entrepreneurs.


We hope to see you soon Beneath the Baobabs!